Keyboard Shortcuts:Navigate>more and less

Say, does anyone have a clue how to use these intriguing keyboard shortcuts? “Navigate>more” and “less”.
I assigned keys for each and they don’t have any function I can determine. Also the “Navigate>Toggle Selection” shortcut with factory shortcut control+space assigned…no function it seems!

I upgraded from CB4 to CB6 this weekend…man is CB6 a lot faster. Great. Also more stable.
I’m liking it.

Holding shift and pressing either up or down will add to what is already selected. I use this when I want to select multiple tracks that are directly above or below each other. It works the same in the Mac OS X Finder, and I’m also guessing will work the same in Windows Explorer. Having said that, I think that the more and less functions will work in a similar way, but removing from the selection.

Not sure what toggle selection does, but curious to know. Might try it when I get home.

Well I just tried More, Less and Toggle Selection shortcuts and I couldn’t get them to do anything. Have no idea…

I have not tried this in Cubase but in other applications (Windows explorer, Word, etc.) I have seen that “toggle selection”, functions such that all selected items will be deselected and all unselected items will be selected. Try selecting a track or two and then toggle selection and see what happens.

Ya, just the same here. Tried more today, now am done with it…or not? Always experimenting to learn so very likely will try the shorts out in other situation as they arise.

I messed with that idea today and as you describe was what I was expecting. But the keyshorts did zero.

Regards the “toggle selection” and the very same [CTRL]+[Space] shortcut I found this year old post on an old CB5 forum:
here’s some from that…

Very interesting shortcuts…I love them and want to know what on earth these ones do!

(seems I’ve come back to haunt myself! :stuck_out_tongue: )

the function you are describing is called “Invert Selection” (and has its own key command), and is quite different from the above-mentioned “Toggle Selection”.

With some help from a colleague, I’ve just discovered that Navigate More/Less are for enabling/disabling extra panels in Preset Browser windows. (I’d never have found it by myself! :blush: )
and, similarly (the other thing that had stumped me), Navigate Fore/Back, navigates the presets inside Preset Browser windows (or inside MediaBay itself).

the function you are describing is called “Invert Selection” (and has its own key command), and is quite different from the above-mentioned “Toggle Selection”.[/quote]

Yes. I see that difference now. Sorry for the misnomer. :slight_smile:
I stand corrected! :smiley:

Hey, nice!. It sounded hooky but now trying it it is very useful.
Thanks much for sharing…good chance would never have learned that.

ok, I did find out now that this shortcut does work in the Media Bay at least. Just select some Attributes,then change the selection, then press the “Control+Space” shortcut and you get your selections toggled. Starting with the default far left Category attribute and making selections and changes there I can get an intuitive sense for now of how it works. And ya, it is useful.
I gives a better faith in Cubase to find out these things actually do work. Often it is tough to determine how though. That’s where this forum is priceless!
By the way, the Ctrl+select toggle selection short does work well in the Key Editor. Good one also.