Keyboard shortcuts not forwarding to SpectraLayers 9 Pro ARA

Just updated from SL 8 Pro > SL 9 Pro. Now with Spectralayers ARA window open in Nuendo (12.0.50), all keyboard shortcuts within Spectralayers trigger Nuendo, not Spectralayers.

Anyone else experiencing this?
Is there a quick fix?

@Robin_Lobel please advise!


What platform, Windows or macOS ?

Mac Mojave 10.14.6

I tried to repro with Nuendo 12.0.50 and SpectraLayers Pro 9.0.10 on macOS 11 but all keyboard shortcuts seems to work here.
Make sure the SpectraLayers window is highlighted, and press G for instance to see if the grid shows/hide in the spectrogram view.

Thanks @Robin_Lobel !
Good to know you can’t repro it.
I have the SL window in focus for sure. Will investigate a bit further, bypassing prefs etc and will let you know about any new findings.

Then, I do have another issue that traveled from Ara SL8 to 9, maybe you have an idea…

Any second region on an audio track that I want to SL-edit just won’t open the SL window. First SL edit is fine. The second region I want to edit shows the ARA symbol on choosing SL editing yet nothing more happens… To “solve” it, I have to duplicate the layer (not the track), then choose SL Ara for the region in question. I am puzzled… Could that be SL grouping preferences related?

Could you record and upload a video of this issue ?

Did a little more testing here. With ARA SL9 window open and in focus, hitting “G” triggers SL grid on/off as it should. Yet, if I make a selection in SL and want to “cmd+shift+x” cut to new layer the corresponding shortcut in Nuendo is being triggered. That one being “cut time” is rather dangerous territory.

A temporary workaround here is to reassign “cut time” in Nuendo to a different shortcut so that cmd+shift+x actually triggers “cut to new layer” in SL.

Bottomline is that some shortcuts work as expected and trigger SL, others don’t and trigger Nuendo.

Video here

In the video I first hit “G” and you see the grid going on/off as expected.
Then, I do “cut to new layer” once via menu and once via shortcut which triggers Nuendo “cut time” in the back…