Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working

Hi ,

Can you please check the keyboard shortcuts in the help manual and command ‘help-sheet’.

Close View
Inconsistent between the two, and only one (command fullstop) actually works

** Zoom horizontal and vertical **
Does not work as expected. G and H unresponsive

Thank you :pray:

Hi @BoSchafers,

Thank you for your message.

We’ve already received a similar report.
Do you use a keyboard with US layout?


Thanks for your kind response. I use the Australian version of the Smart Keyboard for iPad. I think its the same as the US version.

Hi @BoSchafers,

Thanks for your message.

Did you choose the “Cubase” preset in the “Keyboards Shortcuts” setup menu? This preset is required to be activated, in order to use the “G” and “H” letters for zooming in/out.

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