Keyboard shortcuts- questions and feature request


I’ve been evaluating WL8 to see whether we should update out WL6 systems. There’s a lot of great improvements and a lot to get used to. I have a few questions about keyboard shortcuts… apologies if it’s already there.

(1) escape no longer closes an active plug-in window. In WL6 I found this a really useful way to close multiple windows without using the mouse
(2) I couldn’t find a way to create a shortcut for “edit sub-montage”? There’s one for creating a sub-montage but I’d be continually re-editing my sub-montages to tweak them.
(3) I really like the new “raise selection” command, but I couldn’t find a keyboard shortcut option or a way to set the slope of the fade
(4) I would really like a short cut to raise/lower clip gain of selected clips
(5) I like the possibilities of the scripting. Can scripts be assigned a shortcut to activate them? I couldn’t find a way to do this
(6) Is there a possibility in the future of a shortcut macro recorder to assign multiple action to a single keystroke?
(7) I really like the new shortcut for solo- I’ll be using that all day… but what I really find useful is not just “solo selected track” but “solo track number xx” and “solo and zoom track xx at current/closer zoom”. I used to use this function in the Fairlight MFX to map the solo for each channel to CTRL+number keys and it was a really easy way to solo + zoom tracks whilst playing without having to touch the mouse.



Hello Steven,

I tried to create a custom keyboard shortcut to activate a loop region around the highlighted region in the audio editing window that fails to achieve the results I desire.