Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi everyone,

Whilst Dorico offers many great features to help speed up workflows, I have found over the past few months that there are a few things that are taking me more time than my previous weapon of choice (Sibelius 6). These are predominantly keyboard shortcut related things:

  1. Missing Shortcuts
    There are some items which do not have key commands assigned to (and are not user-assignable). I have seen on this thread from 2017 (viewtopic.php?t=128322) that Daniel mentioned ‘In future we may well come up with a clever solution for this, but I’m afraid not in the immediate future’. I was wondering if this has been thought about any more? EDIT: Have now located the Note Filter shortcuts thanks to pianoleo!

  2. Shortcuts for macros
    I have found myself creating a few user macros and storing them as .lua files in the ‘Script Plug-ins’ folder. This is really neat, and reminds me (kind of) of the user plugins menu in Sibelius. It would be great if these .lua macros were able to have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them, which I can’t seem to do at the moment.

  3. Temporary Engrave Mode System Break Shortcut
    Previously using Sibelius I was constantly hitting return to create system breaks in my scores. Whilst Dorico lays everything out on pages in a much more pleasing way, I find I am still wanting to manually insert system breaks fairly frequently as I’m working. To do this I am having to flip to engrave mode, then hitting shift-S, then back to write mode again, which just subtly disrupts my creative flow. I am having to do 3 keyboard shortcuts (cmd-3, shift-s, cmd-2) as opposed to just hitting return blindly in Sibelius. I have created a macro which does this aforementioned actions, but requires clicking on the dropdown menu (…and I can’t assign a shortcut to that!), so I would just love a keyboard shortcut to do so!

Even better, would be the ability to insert system breaks without having to flip over to engrave mode at all. I am aware that technically I am engraving the music, but quickly whacking in a system break to stop things looking cluttered whist writing doesn’t really feel like I need to switch my brain to ‘engraving mode’ to do this. Even if Dorico did the whole flipping back and forth between modes in the background, and I just hit a shortcut, that would be brilliant.

Thanks in advance for reading and considering as usual Dorico team!


  1. Assuming you’re using a relatively recent version of Dorico (e.g. 2 onwards), these shortcuts can be assigned:

and so can these:

  1. Valid point.
  2. A method of making this work is theoretically coming in the next version of Dorico, whenever that’s released. See

Hi there! Thanks for the super-quick response.

  1. I’m not sure sure how I’ve missed these shortcuts all this time?! This will save me hours…! Thanks a lot.
  2. Brilliant news, I shall await it with anticipation.