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Dear Dorico
Still new to Dorico… And I have a trial version. Is this why, when I go to key commands and change the settings for moving playhead to last position or even to the beginning af a piece, Dorico does not remember and I have to do the changes over again every time I open a file?
Somehow I miss some information about the changes I make in keyboard shortcuts are global.
Best, Peter

No, Peter, you should find that all changes you make in the Key Commands editor are persistent between sessions. Next time you make your changes, can you please take a look inside your user account’s application data folder and see whether the keycommands_en.json file has an appropriate modification date? Perhaps you could zip it up and attach it here.

Where do I find that folder? I’m on a Mac

Dear Danstrup,
That would be in ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5 (or whatever version is installed)
Hope it helps!

Thanks, I found it, but no application data folder. I’ve got Components, Content, Dorico 3.5 (which is empty), Download assistant and Steinberg Library Manager. I guess Components is irrelevant, contents too (it’s HALion and VST sound) as well as download assistant. Library Mannager has 1 file called Install Times. Kind of strange?

You’re looking at the root level Library: you should be looking at the one in your user account.

sorry, I am on a trial from Sibelius to Dorico, I don’t see any user account, only the one you say is on root level.

Hi Danstrup,

Open Finder, click on Go in the menu at the top and then select Go To Folder

Enter ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg (You can copy and paste that)

Look for the latest version of Dorico, open that folder and if you scroll down a bit you should see keycommands_en.json

In the finder, Go to menu, press alt and your user Library should appear. It’s a hidden folder. User library is notated ~/Library, that’s what I inputted in my first answer, but if you’ve never met before, you could not guess… sorry for that. What you should do to make it easier is to copy
~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5
and paste it in the Go to menu>Go to Folder (shift-cmd-G)
Hope it helps !
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Now I found it… I’m sorry about all this… so what do i do now? ‘zip it up and attach it here’ like this?
“common” : {
“contexts” : [

“context” : “kGlobal”,
“shortcuts” : [

“Edit.FilterBehaviour?FilterBehaviour=kSelect” : [ “Ctrl+Shift+F” ]

“Edit.StemForceDirection?ForcedVoiceDirection=kForceStemsUp” : [ “Meta+X” ]

“Edit.TransposeSelection” : [ “Meta+Alt+T” ]

“Filter.Lyrics” : [ “Meta+Alt+L” ]

“Play.SetPlayheadTo?PlayFromLocation=kStartOfProject” : [ “PgUp” ]

“Play.SetPlayheadTo?PlayFromLocation=kLastStartPosition” : [ “Home” ]

“Play.SetPlayheadToFlowStart” : [ “DELETE:Num+.” ]
“delta” : “true”,
“version” : “3.5.10”

Right click on the file and select Compress “keycommands_en.json” then drag the zipped file that’s just been created into a new post from you in this thread.

Peter, click ‘Full Editor & Preview’, and in the page that opens you’ll see an ‘Attachments’ tab. Click that, then click ‘Add Files’ and choose the zip file you’re trying to upload. Then write your reply in the large box and click ‘Submit’ to complete your post.

and where do I find ‘Full editor & Preview’?

It’s the button next to the Submit button close to the bottom of this page.

so sorry…
Now I see. Hope it works now. Actually I found out that the shortcut I was looking for was shift-space. It’s in the Play/Play menu. I wonder why it is not in the keyboard shortcuts list when I do cmd-, . I would expect it to be at ‘move playhead to’ ‘last start position’.
As long as you say any keyboard short cut-change is global, we don’t have to use more time on the subject.
Sorry about all the mess, but I am really trying to find out if I can do the change from Sibelius to Dorico. Much of Dorico (that I have tried) is better than Sibelius, but when I get stuck in a problem I have to ask you.
Peter (885 Bytes)

Good news that you’ve got it sorted and absolutely no need to apologise. If you have questions (and you will), this forum is the best place to ask them.

There are actually two sources for Key Commands. One you can access via Cmd + , (the one that appears as part of Preferences). This lists almost all of the assigned Key Commands and all the unassigned Key Commands. This is where Key Commands can be assigned by users. The other one can be accessed via the Help Menu at the top of the program. This second one opens up in your web broswer and is interactive - it’s a useful way of seeing where key combinations have yet to be assigned to Key Commands.

Thanks for persevering in order to upload your key commands file, Peter. I can see from looking at the file that you have assigned Page Up to move the playhead to the start of the project, and Home to the last position at which playback started. You’ve also removed the . (full stop/period) on the numeric keypad shortcut for moving the playhead to the start of the flow. All of these shortcuts appear to be correctly saved and should be present whenever you start Dorico.