Keyboard sounds bad from UR242


I have a Yamaha PSR S770 arranger keyboard and I am having trouble getting a nice sound from the UR242 audio interface.
I am using 2 unbalanced TS cables going out from the keyboard (one for left and the other for right channel) and into the UR242 input 1 and 2. When I plug in my headphones (Audio Techinca M40x) into my keyboard, the sound is amazing, but when I plug in my headphones into the audio interface to listen to the keyboard, the sound is terrible.

Ive asked some people who work at a musical instrument shop and a few said to turn the keyboard volume knob all the way up and set the Audio Interface gain to 0. When I do this, not only is the sound terrible, but the interface peaks even with 0 gain and to stop the peaking, I have to pad both inputs from the audio interface.

I have also disabled input monitoring and this did not solve the problem either.

Does anybody else have the same problem?
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Now with that description I´m sure anybody (apart from me) will immediately know what the problem is…

Yes i know I am not supposed to use headphones, but they are the M40x, not a $20 pair of headphones. Shouldnt I be getting the same sound though?

Yes you should.

Thats the problem. I am not getting the same sound. It feels as if the low frequency sound muddy.

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Did you try panning the inputs in DspMix hard left and hard right?

To set the keyboard output to maximum in is a good idea in general because you’ll always send the same level to your UR242. An exception to that rule might be if the Yamaha creates more noise in that position but normally this wouldn’t be the case.

To begin with you must tweak the ‘input gain’ on the UR242. Open the mixer (Not Cubase but the UR242 mixer) on you screen and play the loudest patches you know. Now make sure the levels do never clip. So start lowering your input gain. Meaning the meter should never go beyond +0 mark and preferably never reach it. Make sure you do the same in the Cubase mixer. Keep your levels below 0. I this still doesn’t help?

Another issue could be that the output busses of the Yamaha have become dusty or even corroded. If you turn or wiggle the plugs a little and you hear any kind of noise this is the case. Try to clean them with a dry cloth and if it doesn’t help use a little alcohol. Hope this helps?