Keyboard split

Is it possible in cubase , to split and use different vsti’s on the same keyboard ? for example to use from c1-c3 bass line and from above pad ?

Thanks in advance

Looks like you didn’t get an answer to this, but I just briefly tried using “MIDI Patchbay” (OSx 10.9.5). It’s a pretty old program, but here’s what I did, and it seems to be working for the two minutes I’ve tried.

Start up MIDI Patchbay. Select the line on the left (it’s a Patch, I think), then tab “Notes” on the right. Select the range you want, then, on the “MIDI Output” popup menu, select “Edit Virtual Outputs”. Create an output with a meaningful name. (I just used “C3 split upper” and “C3 split lower” for testing, because I created two patches, split at C3.).

You’ll also need to “Add Patch” on the left side of the main window to create a second patch into a second virtual output. I saved this as a configuration, and left MIDI patch bay running.

Then, I opened up Cubase (Elements 7), and was able to select the virtual outputs I had created in MIDI Patchbay as inputs to the instruments.

I already forgot about it :slight_smile: thanks alot ! i’ll try it