Keyboard suggestion?

So I have Cubase 10, a windows 10 computer, and a Yamaha MOX8 keyboard.

I have never been able to get the keyboard’s USB to be recognized by the Windows 10 computer. :frowning:

From what I’ve read, it stopped working for Windows 10, so I would have to revert to Windows 7 (not happening) or get a different keyboard.

So, this post has two possible questions to answer:

(1) If you have a similar setup and have successfully gotten your MOX6/8 to be recognized by your Windows 10 computer, how did you do it?
(2) What keyboard woud you recommend that I use instead of the MOX8? (It too is a bit old.)




Do you have the latest driver installed? Have you tried different USB port? Have you tried to connect it directly without USB Hub?

I would try to get in touch with Yamaha support. This is not Cubase topic (sorry). I believe they know a solution.

yamaha seems to indicate it will work they do specify that the updates are as follows:

V1.6.3 to V1.6.8
Now supports Cubase 9.5 series.
Now Cubase 6, 7, 8 series are NON-compliant.
Solved a problem in which the application might be forced to quit occasionally when using the 64 bit PC.
Fixed some minor problems.
So check your versions - does it work with cubase 9.5 and not 10?
it is hard to believe MOX8 (which is a current model right?) is not recognized by win 10. have you looked at the devices list in windows without cubase even actively running - control panel\device manager and control panel\devices and printers? The Yamaha device is probably able to have firmware updates from Yamaha make sure you are up to date with firmware and USB drivers. I use a free program “MIDI-OX” to troubleshoot MIDI devices - it may be able to help you determine if the MOX8 is available as a “device” in win10. Check out the Yamaha instrument forums. maybe these can help determine if win 10 CAN recognize it.

more info from yamaha:
Windows 7 SP1/ Windows 8/ Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Version 1809)

DAW Application(When using it as VST3 plugin.)
Cubase 9 Series