Keyboard + TrackPad/Mouse support

Hey Guys (developers),

Are you going to bring a desktop experience on an iPad with Keyboard and Mouse support, Magic Keyboard, etc.?

And what about AUv3 multi I/O support? Everyone waiting for it so much


Hi icecoldjack,

Thank you for your feature suggestions, which will be added to the list!

Best wishes,

Hopefully they will, this would be so amazing

“They will” definitely … feature is on our list for future updates…

Some weeks ago I used the magic mouse2 of my daughter on my Ipad (5th gen, IpadOs 14.5). I swear I was able to scroll the track-list by swiping on the magic mouse up and down.
That is why I bought myself one. Now I connected it and I CANT sscroll the track list by swiping on the MM2. Now:
a) am I doing something wrong? (some wrong Config of my MM2 or Cubasis 3.3?) or
b) was i just dreaming it was working with the MM2 of my daugters 2 weeks ago?

What you might have seen is you can zoom in the track header column (hover in the column and (inverse) pinch). This seems to scroll the column a bit, but you can’t really scroll it with two finger up down swipe. This neither works with the media browser btw.

Tried it with an Apple Magic Keyboard (which has a mouse pad) so that should be the same.

Well, two fingers scrolling doesnt work on Ipad2017 / MM2 (works only on iMac I think). But one finger scrolling I thought was working as it does in any browser. I was so sure! I mean, that experience was my reason to BUY that MM2…
Well, Pinch to zoom doesnt work with the magic Mouse 2 on Ipads, so that cant be the explanation…
Anyhow: Lets hope the Steinberg team @LSlowak will implement this scroll by Trackpad as it can be seen in Luma fast, for it would be really great for the workflow to scroll by swiping the MM2! Up / Down for Scrolling the tracklist and Right left for Scrolling the Tracks would be fantastic!!!

Okay, I figured it out. Two finger (vertical) scrolling works just fine on iPad with the Apple Magic Keyboard. Works fine in Safari however NOT in Cubasis.

When using the Apple Magic Mouse 2 the functionality differs from the trackpad. Scrolling is One finger scrolling. Which is logical, as for the trackpad you use one finger to reposition the cursor and the second one to scroll. For ‘mousing’ you use the movement of your hand to move the cursor and only one finger to scroll. BUT, same as above with the trackpad, it works fine in Safari however NOT in Cubasis.

I had to check this physically because if you try to remember you discover your are doing this completely by muscle memory. :slight_smile:

I’m using it with mouse and keyboard and have no issues. Just hold the mouse button and move and it will scroll but only in the area in front of the wave form.