Keyboard transport buttons CB 11

I’ve been unable to use the stop, play, record, etc on my Roland FA 08 keyboard. I’ve searched the previous threads but no help.
When I used CB 7.5 with windows 7 (with the same keyboard) everything worked great. So I think it should work now too.
On the win 7 pc I used MMC control with the DAW setting on the FA08 set to Cubase.
On the newer pc with windows 10 and Cubase 11 I’ve tried the generic and the Mackie control, but Cubase doesn’t acknowledge those buttons .
Any suggestions or help would be great.

Isn’t MMC the same in 11? Why are you not using that?

I’ve tried using MMC but it doesn’t acknowledge the transport buttons on the keyboard.
Thanks for your reply

I had a look at the manual… what I’d do now is start from scratch, and follow this step by step…

(the word “Devices” was changed to “Studio”)

Still no go.
Thanks for your reply