Keyboard weirdness editing almost any field

I’m on 12.0.10 on an M2 Pro mini still running macOS 13.6.3. I’ve got a couple little gripes about the way text entry is handled…

The home and end keys don’t work anything like they do in basically any other application, for basically every text entry field. In a lot of the text boxes, they seem not to do anything. In the notes section, they jump to the beginning or end of the whole thing, not to the beginning/end of lines.

Is there some way I could have messed up a setting to cause this? If not, is there any way to “fix” it so that it works like basically every text editor since before I was born? Or is there some reason it works this way?

It would also be nice if you could unfocus text entry fields (e.g., Name in the Render tab) by clicking on “nothing” (like the big open space on the right side of the ribbon) as opposed to having to click on another field/place that actually takes input.

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Not sure what you mean. If I take the render path field as an example, the Home key causes the text edit cursor to jump to the beginning of the fields and the End key to the end of the field. I have just checked it on both Mac and Windows.

If you don’t want the focus on an edit field, then click where you want the focus to be. Typically, you want it to be in the audio file or montage editor; hence, click there.

Interesting. It does not do that for me at all.

Is there anything I can do that might help figure out what’s going on?

You might have a system utility that interferes, like a keyboard utility.

I do run keyboard maestro and a streamdeck. But, quitting both does not change behavior, and everything works as expected everywhere else with them running. I’m not using home or end as triggers for anything in keyboard maestro.

Home works to jump to time 0 in the montage, but no other behaviors for either key do anything in wavelab.

I do use a “weird” programmable keyboard (QMK firmware), but I’ve tested both a normal keyboard (same behavior) and ensured that it’s sending the correct key codes (in QMK parlance, KC_HOME and KC_END) in my keymap.c.

I’ve also tried assigning keys on my streamdeck to home and end, and the behavior is identical.

So, that’s 2 physical keyboards and a streamdeck, with and without Keyboard Maestro or the StreamDeck software running (other than when using the streamdeck to send the keys), different cables and ports, multiple reboots…and the behavior is only different from expected in text entry boxes in Wavelab.

I understand that if you can’t replicate it you can’t fix it. But, I’m at a loss for what else to try.

I took another look, and guess what, it works for me because I use Keyboard Maestro and had previously remapped the Home and End keys to the standard MacOS keys that move the cursor to the start and end of a line (Command + Left Arrow, and Command + Right Arrow), respectively. I did this to mimic the behavior on Windows, which I prefer.

That said, I disagree with your statement that “The home and end keys don’t work anything like they do in basically any other application.” I have tried Cubase, SpectraLayers, and most importantly, the macOS file browser (nothing can be more “official” than this), and they behave exactly like WaveLab: you need to use Command + Left Arrow, and Command + Right Arrow, while the Home and End keys have no effect on a line edit field.

Another alternative is to do what I do: use Keyboard Maestro for remapping.

I can work with that. And, yes, it’s macOS, not Wavelab. As usual, Wavelab is good and the problems are with something else.

Thank you for bearing with me and looking more closely. I really appreciate it! And, yes, I know how hard it is to remember all the customizations you’ve added to one OS or another, especially when you don’t like any of them.

FWIW, when I said “everything else”, I do not own Cubase or SpectraLayers, and if you think I’m picky about pedantic little tings in Wavelab…you should see me when I actually think about Finder or basically any of the macOS default/included apps. They’re literal garbage in my mind, and I use them all as little as possible.

I set up a pair of Keyboard Maestro actions that convert Home/End to Command + arrow keys only when wavelab is in the foreground, and everything works as I expect. I’d imagine that there are other macOS apps that will require the same treatment.

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