Keyboards - not detected

Hi all. OK, so I’m working with a colleague to try and get his Cubase up and running. He has an old Triton Keyboard which refuses to show up inside Cubase. All he sees in Midi port setup is USB 2. He is running a Midi to USB adapter from his keyboard. Not sure it’s make, but apparently it’s a good one. Never dealt with those so I can’t comment further. He has the Triton set to Local = Off.

Also, he has a Miditech Midistart music 25 USB keyboard. Although this shows up correctly in the Midi Port setup, it does not speak with Cubase at all. It’s difficult for me to help him as he’s the other side of the world. We use Zoom conferencing, but everything looks good to me and I just can’t figure out what’s happening and why his midi ports aren’t working.

It’s worth noting that at this point he is using on-board sound chip. I know, I know. I have told him! He’s grabbing a Scarlett 2i2 this weekend.

Oh, and both keyboards are detected using Midi Ox.

Any ideas most welcome!


it is not clear what the actual question is. Nothing on his computer can show “Triton” if the triton is connected via midi-to-USB. This is perfectly ok.

What does he see in cubase and what not?
What exatly does not work? Recording midi? Hearing sound?
Where does he see that “the devices dont speak with cubase at all”?

Thx, Ernst

He should btw. install MidiOX (free) and see whether the connected devices transmit midi to the computer successfully at all. If so, we can drill down into Cubase settings. If not… the problem is not inside cubase.

Thanks Elien for the quick response. Sorry, I should be more clear.

Midi port shows USB 2 when he uses Triton, and miditech midistart music 25 if he tries that controller. So all good there. However, no midi signal is received in Cubase. Press a key on the keyboard and nothing at all, No on off midi notes detected.

He has set up a midi track using HALion sonic and it all looks good to me. It’s the fact that there appears to be no signal getting through that’s screaming to me that it’s something obvious I’m missing…

Midi OX tests out fine on both keyboards.

Ok, so midi is reaching the computer.
I understand he has a midi track (or is it an instrument track) and set this to “all midi inputs” or one of the specific midi ports (USB 2 or miditech…)?

Yes Elien, we have tried All Midi and the specific named ones. Still nothing,

Hm, I tried some things on my computer and with cubase… no idea what your problem could be.

Did you have a look at the midi settings in “studio”? Are the ports shown as active there?
Just shoting in the dark… honestly speaking

Yeah I know. It’s an odd one. All ports are shown as active! So the controllers are detected and working properly, but nothing is received in Cubase.

A real long shot I know, but as he is using a generic on board Realtec Audio chip, I don’t suppose this could cause issues do you think?

Thanks for taking the time to look into this. Much appreciated.

Anyone else any ideas? This one has many people stumped. Although I still think it’s something obvious somewhere!

Right click the transport and select to show the input output activity. When he presses a key does he see the midi meter moving?
On the track inspector check that the input routing for the track is set to all and make sure the channels are set to all.
Make sure the track monitor is on.

Hope that helps.

Thanks madcat. Yep, all that is done, but absolutely nothing coming into midi in. No signal. I’m stumped!

I don’t know what to try but it seems like the midi port is being captured somewhere else or needs a through setting. Is there some other midi application running?

Try to run Halion or another VSTi in stand alone and see if it works.