keycommand for open close all plugin from single track ?


i can’t find this one.
Any help ?

Windows: Close All Plugins.

Simply search for ‘close’ in the key commands window and keep hitting the search icon and it will search through all commands which contain ‘close’. FYI you can also alt + shift + click on the ‘e’ button on a channel to open all plugin windows for that channel (your modifiers might be different).

Shift + click the "E’ button to close all plugs from a track.
Basically does the opposite of what twelvetwelve mentioned above (alt+shift+click to open all).

thx for answers.
yes but this is for all opened plugin windows regardless of what track it is.
i would like to be able, while working on a specific track, to open all it’s plugins at once then close them at once.

No - this is working here PER TRACK. In the mix console, if you click as described above on a specific channel, just the effects for that channel will open/close.
I just tried it now to confirm. I’m on a Mac so to open all plug ins, option + shift + "E "button in the mixer (right under the panner where there are 4 buttons - M, S, L, and E) - alt + shift + E on Windows. Then to close them, Shift + E. It works per track and does not open/close any plug ins from any other tracks.

I’m not the OP but I am in complete agreement that a key command to open and close all plugins associated with the currently selected Channel would be an excellent workflow Improvement.

Thanks, that is great info about the combo Key/Mouse command to do that. Now if there were to be a straight-up key command for those same two functions it would be an excellent thing. Also, I’m not sitting in front of my system right now, but it sounds like it’s the mixer only not the project window which is also problematic since I tend to live in the project window.

So I’m going to pop over and put in a feature request for a standard, assignable key command for those two functions. Kind of amazing to me that it’s not in there already. I I’m also going to ask for a pref - also assignable to a key command - for that to happen automatically when you select a channel.

Would make mixing wicked quick if you could automatically see all plugins for any SINGLE channel you selected and that was a persistent function that could be toggled on and off via key command.

I have always wondered why there was not a single unified Superchannel that was a much improved version of the current Channel edit window. And to add to that, had two modes one of which was optimized for touch screen. Amazing how much. with all of this computer power available for software implementation, we are still operating in many ways on paradigm’s from the past.

Okay, thinking out loud mode disengaged.

Key commands would be nice. I’m not seeing any for these. Also, it would be nice to be able to have the option for just a single plug in window open and have it show whichever plug in you select ala Pro Tools and Logic.
Logic has this nice ability to add key commands to open/close any single plug in on a selected track. I use this all the time.

twelvetwelve + Zinnematic thank you ! works fine.
yeah a keycommand for that would be great !