Keycommand/shortcut/midi remote for device panel?


I was wondering if it is possible to somehow make a shortcut or a keycommand for items in your device panel? (or bind it to a remote control ideally).

For one of my synths I set up a midi device panel that sends sysex to change a setting on the synth, and I’d love to be able to bind this to a key command or something so i could change it from one of my controllers, instead of having to go to the panel and click it.

Any way this is possible? Or any ideas for a workaround?
This is what my device panel looks like, and I’d really want to be able to bind those to some key commands:

Just bumping this in case it was missed. I am really curious about this, as it’d help me out a great deal.


I’m afraid this is not possible.

Okay that’s a real shame. Thanks for the reply though!

Maybe I should change this to a feature request. Although it feels very niche.