Keycommand to open the audio settings of an instrument track from a connected midi track

Hi Matthias, is there a way to have a last a keycommand to open the audio settings of an midi track routed to an instrument or an instrument track? (not opening the midi settings)
It would make our life a lot easier.

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Midi channels have no audio settings.

It says “midi channel routed to an instrument track” (or a rack instrument).
It is the same as pressing the e button in the audio out section of the inspector.:

So, a keycommand to open the audio out´s settings of the instrument (or rack) that is connected to a midi channel.
We have asked for this for a long time, and also Matthias has added to a list of keycommands to be addressed but it never materialized.

EDIT: the title is misleading because it was split from another thread by a moderator