Keycommands gone after update

Hi guys,
After updating to CB 12.0.60 I lost my keycommands.
They are in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 12\Presets\KeyCommands, but don’t show up in Cubase.
What to do ? :thinking:

My only advice is to make a backup of the Steinberg folder in Appdata, all the time you are changing something. This way you can always restore anything, in case something gets lost.


This is not the path where does Cubase read the Key Commands from. The correct path is:
%appData% Steinberg/Cubase 12_64/Key Commands.xml

This is why I have an automatic backup of the folder every day. There’s a lot more than just keycommands that can be lost.


My approach is too backup the stable version/settings/preferences by using the Profile Manager and export the Profile. If anything happens, I can import it anytime back.

Yes - found them. I wonder how trhey got installed in that other fdolder… :thinking:


This is the only one folder at all Windows systems.