Keying synth affects volume faders on DAW

Using Cubase 10.5, when I play my Yamaha S-90 Synth, it affects the faders in my DAW. Channels 1 thru 7 are at 0 until I play. The harder I strike, the higher they go. B above middle C is channel 7, Bb is 6, A is 5, etc. Any suggestion why this is happening?

Sounds like your keyboard midi output has been assigned to the Generic (or other) remote. Loo in Studio Settings for that.

Hi Steve, the S-90 goes into my Motu M4 via mini cables and a usb connection going into my computer. In my studio setup, Yamaha does not appear, only Motu ins and outs. Is it possibly a quick control thing? I don’t know much about those but did set them per a video I watched. Thanks for responding. Jeff

The advice from @steve still holds - it’s just that your Yamaha is showing up as a MOTU connection, since that’s how you are routing the midi.

So check your Studio settings in any of the remotes, if something is connected to the MOTU midi. Could be Generic Remote, Mackie Controls, HUI, Quick Controls, etc …

If you find something connected to the MOTU there, disconnect it.

Hey Nico, That was it! Roland MCR8. Thank you so much!

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