KeyLab 49-88 with Cubase. Transport buttons Tips

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The transport buttons on your KL will not work with non-Pro Cubase versions (might be usefull for other DAWs). So we can use Pads! I have managed a settings that include next functions: Fast rewind, Fast forward, Pause/Stop, Play, Slow rewind, Slow forward and Rec.

They are working well except they need to be pressed a bit hard due to KL Pad’s feature.

Using Arturia’s MIDI Control Center reconfigure Pad’s settings like this:

For Pad1 to Pad7:
Mode - Control
Channel - 1
CC Number - from 36 to 42 (1 number per Pad)
Min Value - 0
Max value - 3

-Than open Cubase (I have Cubase 8 Artist and KeyLab61), start your project, go to inset Devices - Device Setup.
-Next in Devices window click on Generic Remote (create it if needed). In Generic remote settings set your KL in MIDI Input tab.
-Clear window below by clicking a row and Delete button to the right. (Optional)
-Than create 7 rows which will look like this:

Control Name MIDI Status MIDI Channel Address Max. Value Flags
FastRewind Controller 1 36 3 R, , ,
FastForward Controller 1 37 3 R, , ,
PauseStop Controller 1 38 3 R, , ,
Play Controller 1 39 3 R, , ,
SlowRewind Controller 1 40 3 R, , ,
FastRewind Controller 1 41 3 R, , ,
Rec Controller 1 42 3 R, , ,

-Than edit the window below to match this:

Control Name Device Channel/Category Value/Action Flags
FastRewind Transport Device fastRewind , ,
FastForwad Transport Device fastForward , ,
PauseStop Transport Device stop , ,
Play Transport Device start , ,
SlowRewind Transport Device shuttleBw 1x , ,
SlowForward Transport Device shuttleFw 1x , ,
Rec Transport Device record ,T,

As resault you will have your Pad1 to Fast Rewind, Pad2 as Fast Forward, Pad3 as PauseStop, Pad4 as Play, Pad5 as SlowRewind, Pad6 as SlowForward, Pad7 as Rec.

Im done. You may now kick me. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for this… it gives me a place to start. I’m just trying to setup the PLAY functionality for a button on my Yamaha P-150. I used your values and it did not work. It is possible that 39 is not the correct value for me? How did you come up with 39? Also, in order to be able to use external hardware to control playback, do you have to Activate External Sync in the transport bar?