Keylab 61 mk II not working

I had Keylab 61 mk II working fine in Cubase 11, but can I get it to function as a DAW controller in C12. The process is too complicated and I am reduced to saying rude things about the developers. Perhaps it is me. However I would be grateful if someone who has got Keylab mk II working would let me know how they have done it. Thanks in advance.


If you have Keykab, use it as Mackie Control in the Studio > Studio Setup.

If you have Kaylab Essential, there are the MIDI Remote scripts available.

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Hi Martin thank you for your reply. I am afraid that I seem to have a number of versions of Keylab mk 2 visible in the midi page and am not sure how to delete them?

Steinberg changed some things with V12 that caught Arturia by surprise regarding how Keylab MkII works with Cubase. The two companies need to do some hand-shaking as a result. While it is true that using Mackie control will gain you some level of control as Martin points out, you still will need some detailed instructions from Arturia to avoid further frustration. The good news is that Arturia support is some of the best in the business – their response time and expertise is exemplary. I know, cause I just went through the exact same issue!


Well I have contacted support and it will be interesting to see what they have to say. Thanks!

Could you share the response? I would be very grateful.

I have just had feedback from Arturia that suggests that Steinberg created scripts for the Keylab Essential without consulting them and have not produced scripts for the MK2. It seems that the Midi Remote function does not work for the MK2.

Perhaps someone at Steinberg might like to comment on this and perhaps clarify the issue.


In the script, there is the handshake SysEx communication. This is setup for the specific device. The MK2 would need different handshake message.

Or you can delete the SysEx handshake and search for the device by the MIDI Port name.

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Hi Martin, thank you for your interest. I finally got the Keylab mk ii working with Cubase in a fairly basic way. The transport controls work. The instructions I got from Arturia were slightly off base as the selection for the MCU ports were MIDIIN2(Keylab mk ii 61) and MIDIOUT2(Keylab mk ii 61) and not Keylab mk ii 61 etc. Which I guess is what you are saying.

I don’t know if anyone has written a script for the mk ii? I have a feeling it is beyond me.


I don’t know, where did you get this information. But as far as I know, Steinberg tried to communicate and share the MIDI Remote development with the HW companies.

I was told the same thing by one of the support team. I have to say that the new system is massively complicated and not a little intimidating. I want to spend time creating music not undertaking a degree in engineering. I am curious. Do you understand how to create scripts? Is it easier than it seems? Cheers Martin. Thank you for the help you give so freely.


Copy the arturia folder from the Public to the Local folder.

From the Local/arturia/ Open the arturia_keylab_essential_49.js/arturia_keylab_essential_61.js/arturia_keylab_essential_88.js file, depending at your device size.

Delete all the:
.expectSysexIdentityResponse('00206B', '0200', '0552')

Change the:


lines so the string ‘DAW’, ‘MIDIIN2’ or ‘MIDIOUT2’ matches the MIDI Port name.

Now the devices should be detected.

I have got the mkii working with C12. How would using the keylab essential work with the mkii?


I guess, the devices are sending/receiving almost the same MIDI Messages. So I expect, it might work.

When I have a moment I will try. When you say NameContains(DAW) do you replace DAW with Cubase or enter just that?

I heard about the surprise change directly from Arturia support. I didn’t want to copy the guy’s entire email which included a lot of screenshots with hand-drawn annotations, but it sounds like silhouette got the exact same instructions. LIke I said, Arturia support is excellent in every way. The only thing I couldn’t follow was finding the Undo function in Mackie Control options – it wasn’t in my Cubase 12 demo, but I was able to add the other DAW command buttons.


Replace the DAW by the Arturia’s KeyLab MIDI Port name (or unique part of the name).