Keylab Essential 49 or Launchkey 37 (or another controller?) for use in Cubase with hardware synths?

Could anyone recommend one of these two MIDI controllers for use with Cubase 9 and external hardware synths (mostly a Matrix 1000 in my case)? My general impression is that the Keylab may integrate better with Cubase, but the arp, scale and chord modes, and the full-sized keys on the Launchkey appeal to me. A lot of people seem to recommend the Keylab solely because of Arturia’s softsynths, which I don’t use that often (although I do like the way they sound), which makes me think I should go with the less expensive Launchkey. I’m just concerned that it may be a pain to get working correctly.

Really, the main thing I want a MIDI controller for is to trigger VSTs and my hardware when I’m composing. I’ve never used external pads/knobs when working in my DAW (although it will be nice to finally have the option to do that), so I don’t really know what to think about those in regards to what these two controllers offer.

Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

from the manuals, i see a couple of advantages to the keylab.

-encoders, they turn infinitely and send relative midi cc values as opposed to launchkey’s absolute pots. encoders wont make values jump to its physical values. LK and Cubase itself has a pick up mode that prevents this jump but it also wont move the parameter until it reaches the existing value. i dont find this helpful at all. in this day and age, there shouldnt be any absolute pots a daw controller.

-keylab has expression input in the back, very helpful to control midi cc with expression pedal. also a breath control input. LK appears to only have midi IO ports.

ultimately, it all depends on which features are most important for your workflow though.