Keylab Essential Midi Controller. Can't Set up with UVI and Analog Lab sounds?.

Hello wonderful people,

I have been searching for ages on something I thought would be simple,

  1. to play my keylab essential into cubase using the UVI Grand Piano sound and Analog Lab 3 sounds that the controller came with and

  2. Loading the controller functions to Cubase (i’ve seen manual loading online, is there an automatic way to do this?) such as transport controls and knobs and faders.

Please help me,
For 1 above, I can play (stand alone) Analog Lab 3 sounds. Does not record into cubase though.

Note: I can also play Halion SE sounds which record into cubase.

Thanks for you help, have a great day / night !!


  1. Add an Instrument track UVI Grand Piano or Analog Lab 3, set the MIDI In to All MIDI Inputs, and start to play your MIDI controller.

  2. Open Studio > Studio Setup, add Generic Remote Device and set it up (see manual, please).