Keylab mk II keyboard doesn't work in dorico

It worked fine and now my keyboard doesn’t work in write mode , it’s well checked in the preferences and in the VST/MIDI configuration … I don’t understand

Hi @cellier_jerome do you see a little green light on the lower right corner of Dorico windows, when you press the keys of your keyboard?:

Can you check if both Enable MIDI Input and Enable MIDI thru are active in Preferences/Play?:

yes they are both selected. I don’t see the light in bottom.

OMG it was an USB issue, I unselected 2 USB on my hub and now it works well … sorry for the wrong alert … and now I see the light well.

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unfortunately today it doesn’t work anymore ! I don’t understand I have never issue in Cubase but Dorico doesn’t recognize my 88keylab Arturia as a Midi in controller ! it’s the only USB device I try there and Dorico doesn’t response to my keyboard … I join the diagnostic file."
Dorico (1.0 MB)

I know this will not help resolve your issue, but for info, I own this MIDI controller and it works fine in this context:

Dorico (Apr 18 2024)
Mac Studio Ultra (M2) + OSX 14.5
Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB interface
Arturia KeyLab 88 Mk II (firmware

I connect the MIDI controller to the interface using an analogue cable and not USB.


one more time it’s an USB issue, when I check or not specifics devices on my hub it works or not … ok now I’ll remember what devices I have to activate to be OK :grinning:

Hi @cellier_jerome ,
thanks for the diagnostics. Dorico indeed does recognize your Keyllab keyboard.
I don’t know that one, but I think the issue might be that your device can only be used by one component at the same time.
Have you tried closing all other locations and only run Dorico. Is it still not working then?

I’ve just tried connecting via USB directly from the MIDI controller to the Mac Studio (via USB C) and everything works as expected…

It works now I have to activate some devices on my hub USB to be OK