Keypad in Dorico

Would the developers ever consider having a moveable keypad for note insertion rather than just the side of pages where the notes are stored? I’m not saying ditching the way it is now, but having it as an option.
Thanks for any feedback on this.

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Not that that could not be done, given a certain amount of effort, but most folks who use the program extensively soon learn to set duration by number keys, so the use of a movable panel to set duration would for most be a relatively short-term solution.

You could always remap the Key Commands to connect note values and articulations to keypad keys.

We don’t have any current plans to add a Sibelius-style Keypad window to Dorico, and nor do we have any current plans to make Dorico’s panels able to be undocked and floated outside the project window. We don’t tend to rule anything out definitively, but this isn’t something you’re likely to see too soon.

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Thank you everyone for your reply. I really appreciated the replies.