Keypad midi entry

I would like the option to reset the defaults on this… I prefer the Finale setting rather than the Sibelius setting. Also I would like to be able to use the point on the number pad for dotted notes (convenient) rather than full stop (away from the number pad and inconvenient) also the tie option is miles away on the T key. I would also like the option to select the notes first on a midi keyboard and the note value after. Basically I want to be able to use speedy note entry as in Finale… it is so much quicker than all the alternatives.

Everything you write is possible to adjust in preferences except Finale’s note before value concept. If you cannot do without it, enter the notes in Finale, xml-export them and import do Dorico.

Dear David,
You should not try to fight the software, but learn how it works. You’ll spare some precious time and energy.
You can change a really huge number or keybindings in the Preferences > Shortcut editor. I would advise you not to do so, until you’ve understood the choices made by the devs… Nothing has been changed without an impressive load of thought in this software, just try and use it the way it’s designed to be :wink:

I do understand the desire to have a “speedy entry”-like input method in Dorico. We’re not ruling it out for the future, but it’s not something we’re working on right now.

I think you are right Marc, but the design choices made for keyboard layout in Dorico are IMO primarily ideal for entering music on a laptop. If you use midi entry and want to enter music very fast, it’s not optimal because you cannot reach everything you need with one hand without jumping around. I admit that with the left hand on the computer it’s a bit better because you can reach the dot with your thumb and still keep your other fingers close to the number row, but with the right hand (as I do) it is very awkward.

Not trying to be negative here, and as just stated, all of this can be changed in the preferences. I just want to nuance the discussion - it’s not a matter of working against the program. There are many ways of using Dorico and the default keybindings are designed for one of them.

Dear LAE,
For what it’s worth, I have changed many keyboard shortcuts in order to make the workflow more efficient, primarily because french keyboards are different (you have to use shift key to access the numbers, for instance).
What I mean is that this step might be taken once you’ve learned to use the software and you know it’s what you need. Not try to reproduce other software behavior before knowing the Dorico’s whereabouts.

I did not know that! I guess it makes sense in some ways but that must be a pain for some programs!

I get your point. However, I am making a slightly different one, maybe a bit extrapolating from the OP’s questions. I am not talking about reproducing the behaviour of other software, only about finding the best possible keybindings for the scenario of midi entry, where I mean that Dorico’s default ones are not optimized for that. But I think you understood me :slight_smile: