Keypad use?

Since I have a keypad (PC) and use right hand for note value and left hand for note pitch…please tell me I can still do this in Dorico. It sounds like I won’t be able to. It sounds like the keypad is not allowed. If that’s true, why would you not allow either top row or keypad to enter numbers?
I don’t care that Macs don’t have a keypad and I shouldn’t be penalized because Steve Jobs never used a 10 key adding machine.
I can input notes my way without ever looking at the keyboard which allows me to rapidly input from printed music or from music I’ve jotted down on paper or whatever.
I actually touchtype numbers on the main keyboard at full speed BUT only when I’m being a proper typist with both hands on the home row. And that isn’t how I’d be using the keyboard in any music program. if I can’t use the keypad to choose note duration I have to look at the keyboard to accurately type top row 5 just to input quarter note A.
After all…all the note names can be typed with my left hand (without looking) just as I can use the keypad without looking.
Hopefully I’m upset for nothing and the keypad will still work.

I’m not sure he said a keypad is not allowed, I think he might have just said a keypad is not required. Hopefully the numbers will still work on the keypad as I have a keypad on both at my desktop system and laptop.

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Anders wrote:
About note input:

  1. Can you use a keypad like in Sibelius?

Our note input method does not use the external numeric keypad at all. The plan is that you will be able to redefine the default shortcuts, so if you want to map things onto a numeric keypad, you’ll be able to do so.

Thanks Bob

So I’d have a little work to do first. Well ok.
But a default mapping of the top row numbers to the keypad numbers would allow using either keys without changing anything else.

I imagine a cottage industry may spring up providing keymap preference files to make Dorico work “just like Sibelius” or “just like Finale”. Beware, customisation is one thing, “fighting the system” is another. But if Dorico doesn’t want the keypad for anything else, mine certainly isn’t going to stand idle.

I might map my keypad onto the numbers I’m used to in Sibelius (3 for quaver etc,) rather than the Dorico top row numbers, which have different note values from Sibelius.

But I’ll probably just learn Dorico properly instead!

Sure, anything can be learnt. The point is more that IF “one hand on MIDI keyboard, one on note values” is going to be a useful method of note-entry in Dorico, the “fingering” is easier with a single hand position over the keypad.

And I would map 1 to 9 top row on 1 to 9 on the keypad so I’d still be using Dorico’s note value system.