Keyroll grid LOCKED to specific time signature grid

Dear Cubase users,

I’ve stumpled upon an issue which have stumpled my workflow, so I’d appreciate some help with this one!

When working in the keyroll-editor, the grid is locked to ‘grid’, and can’t be changed to the usual 8ths, 16ths and so on.
Also, the grid in the key editor seems to go in 2/2, with a subdivision of quintuplets -> compare this to the project that is in normal 4/4.

See attachment “skærmbillede 7” for keyroll-editor:
Skærmbillede 7.jpg
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Skærmbillede 8.jpg


To set the Grid in the Key Editor, use the Quantise setup. The grid is linked with the Quantise.

Oh boyy i got it working!

Thanks for your reply and input Martin. I figured out i had to rightclick the timeline, and change it from seconds -> to ‘bars+beats’, then it showed up!

Thanks :slight_smile: