Keys for old product

I have found cubase 3 and even older original dusks, which i used to use back in xp days, but need some key or licence to get going.
(I started my Steinberg journey on Atari ST !!)

You should have a licencer with it that you plug in. I’m not sure when the usb one took over from the serial port licencer.

I had a red printer port plug but no idea where it is…20 years on. I would buy one but not at silly money, as it would only be for really old unsupported software. A have xp, Windows 7 and 10 on three laptops, trying to hook it all upto a sound canvas module just to play with midi files, but getting nowhere trying to sort it. I’m also wary about laying out too much, as am mot sure it would work anyhow. Little confidence in Microsoft based stuff, but it’s all I’ve got to work with.
Thanks for responding


If you need just the basic functions, go for Cubase Elements.