Keys for Zoom in/out (G/H) problem

Hello! I have some issues with G/H Zoom keys in my Cubase projects.
When working in a project with a lot of parts being spliced and crossfaded I try to use G/H for zoom in/out. And some of my spliced parts are turned out to be deleted.
Any other ways of zooming are working as should but this one is some kind of curse.
May be I’m doing something wrong?

I had had these problems since Cubase 6.I solved the issue just avoiding G/H keys.
Now in 8.5 I decided to check if the problem is still there and here I’m posting.


This is weired.

Did you try to trash a Preferences?

Have you found, when is the event deleted? Is it while hit thing the Key Command?

Yep, tried to reset the preferences to default settings. Didn’t help.
This happens when you try to zoom in/out pretty close/far with keys G/H. Sometimes it is possible to notice how the parts disappear, sometimes not. First time I found it when after editing procedures I began to mix. The parts do not disappear for ever - I still was able to find them in pool. Anyway it was rather disturbing.
My thoughts about the reasons of this were:

  • heavy project. The computer is not able to fully deal with so many scissors’ cuts. Now I work on a pretty powerful machine and the issue is still here.
  • unstable Cubase version. But the issue was in 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 versions.