Keystroke combination in proprieties

I need to use a keystroke combination - alt+numpad- for getting special characters such as “ù” in the text proprieties of dynamics or tempo inidcations.
Any time I try to hit that, it just closing the proprieties and I have to insert it by copy+paste. It’s a bit time consuming to do that a lot of times.
Do you have any suggestions how to avoid that?

So far as I remember this has come up before on the forum, and I’m afraid there’s no solution that I’m aware of. Are you on Windows or Mac, out of interest? What keyboard language are you using?

i am working on windows, and I use english language. Since I write something with french indications, I need to use this characters from time to time.

When you press the Windows logo button plus period (.), a new (?) insert menu opens on Windows 10. You can add symbols and special characters and if you used them once, you can find them very quickly in your recent list. Than you don’t have to paste it from another program. I use this often to add the copyright sign into the project field.

WOW!! This will come in handy when I don’t have my Stream Deck. Thanks!!

thank you for the great idea! great tip!