keystroke for scroll bars and other suggestions

1: I think it would be great to have a keystroke that will either enlarge or automatically select the scroll bars in whatever window you are in inspector ( inserts sends etc), edit page, mixer page (lower scrollbar) VST instruments , because they are a pain in a the backside, they are far too small and I spend too much time trying to select them when a keystroke would be much easier. I realize that there is a lot of information on the pages but a keystroke to enlarge would make my workflow much quicker.

2: A mono button on the main mixer would be great, I know I can get to it in the control room and that’s fine when I’m working with 2 screens but when I am working on my laptop it’s a pain having to open the control room just to get the mono button.

3: Being able to delete a track on the mixer instead of having to go back to the main page and delete the track there and then go back to the mixer when I’m working on a laptop.

  1. Being able to drag a loop in and it automatically locks to the project bpm (like you can in Ableton). Instead of having to go through the rigmarole of hitpoints.

5: Creating and editing hitpoints according to the quantize that has been set instead of scrolling.

  1. being able to drag sends to get rid of them in the mixer page like you can with the inserts.

  2. Being able to turn off multiple instrument and inserts at once, not just muting them.