Keystroke Help

Hi Guys,

I just upgraded to Nuendo 7. I’m trying to set the locators on a track by hitting the “P” key as I’ve
always done in the past. If I go up to the top to Transport the first selection is Locators to selection P.

So I’m pretty sure this keystroke is still available. However, after selecting the wave I want to set the locators
to and hit “P”, nothing happens. I have to set if from the Transport and select the first option as above.

Also, once I have manually set the locators to the desired track, pressing the #1 key will bring the cursor to the
beginning of the track. But, if I press the #2 key, the cursor should move to the end of this track, but it is NOT moving.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Las Vegas, NV

Try verifying your key commands. Press K [or alternatively, File/Key Commands]
and check.
It is possible that an alternative key set is loaded. The “#” key toggles thru alternative key sets…


Thank you for taking time to help me out. I will give this a try.

Remove the “Virtual Keyboard” and the keyboard shortcuts return in case anyone cares.