Keystrokes for barlines?

Hi — Where in the Dorico 4 documentation is there a list of the different keystrokes that correspond to different types of barlines? Here is a screenshot of a page from the Operation Manual. It implies that it it possible to input a barline with a keystroke. In this case an ending barline with a repeat. It looks like a colon (:slight_smile: and two straight vertical lines (||), which doesn’t work when I try it. Are there other keystrokes for entering other kinds of barlines?


Sorry … the computer inserted a happy face emoji where there should be a colon in parentheses. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

  1. Here is the online help version - Bars and barlines popover .
    The popover keystrokes are towards the bottom of that page.

  2. The second vertical line in the images is actually the cursor - the blinking insertion point. Use a colon and only one vertical line (the pipe symbol).

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Excellent! Thanks.

There’s also a PDF document with a comprehensive list of popovers here:

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You’ll notice the header “Bars” at the bottom of your picture: that’s the heading for a table of entries for adding/deleting bars, followed by “Beats”. You should find that scrolling down just a little bit will reveal the “Barlines” section of that topic, where entries for barlines are listed.

Incidentally, and I appreciate the subtlety, the entry for an end repeat barline is : | – the second vertical line in that screenshot is the blinking text cursor, to demonstrate that these are “live” fields that you type into. Notice the same cursor in the example for adding bars.

There is also the separate Popovers PDF, as linked to above.

FYI that picture isn’t from the latest PDF manual (because the pictures are slightly out of date)This hasn’t changed much in the last few versions, but if this is a PDF you’ve downloaded locally to your machine, do take the opportunity to update it from here: Dorico Pro 4 Documentation

Much appreciated!