Keystrokes Should Respond Faster

I dunno if anyone else experiences this, but a certain amount of the time, I type faster than Cubase can respond… Sort of like being on a dial-up modem, where the connection is slower than yer keystrokes. This can lead to incorrect input or worse if the garbled keystrokes are not an undoable function.

I don’t have a slow computer. And I’m not talking about things that I -expect- to take a few seconds (eg. a File Save) I mean executing commands that open windows, move notes, etc. Stuff that I expect to happen pretty much instantly.

This is in that gray area between F/R and ‘bug’… and it certainly isn’t ‘sexy’ but to my mind, this matters. We’ve all been on web-based ‘word processors’ where the data entry is slower than we can type and it’s pretty much -impossible- to have a clear thought when you have to be concerned about the mechanics of the words yer trying to type. Same deal.