KeyStudio midi won't register on Version 9

I’m new to ALL OF THIS, so bear with me

I saw many topics regarding issues with midi keyboards, but not with the KeyStudio on Version 9…

When I add a midi track it DOES give me KeyStudio as an option, but it seems there is a software issue that won’t let me use the keyboard. Like, i know when i hit a key it should show up on the bottom right as if it’s playing…

The KeyStudio doesn’t require drivers as it is a plug and play, so i was hoping someone had the answer…


Hi and welcome,

Open Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Ports. Can you see KeyStudio in the list of MIDI Inputs (yellow)? Is it enabled in the In All MIDI Inputs column?


This topic took a couple of days to get approved, but i figured it out in the mean time.

I have NO idea how i figured it out, but it works fine now!

Thanks for your response :slight_smile: