Keyswitch for grouping dynamics?

My problem is that while some time the dynamics grouping is very useful and just works - I have about 50% of time some section where I have different rhythmic position of dynamics, or the hairpins are the same, but to different resultant dynamics. What happens is that some or all elements gets grouped, and if I change a dynamic or move a hairpin - I get unwanted changes in grouped dynamics.
What I would like to have is a keyswitch like command-alt, or alt-enter, or something - to make changes to the dynamic that do not affect the group.

One can of course remove dynamics from group - but it is a little bit tedious with lots of dynamics, and a keyswitch would flow so much better!

Thanks in advance,

Not sure if this is what you’re wanting, but it might help - you can assign key commands for “Group Dynamics Together” as well as “Ungroup Dynamics”