Keyswitch immediately after playing a note

Hello everyone and happy holidays!
Is there a way in the mapping to insert a keyswitch immediately after playing a note? neither at the beginning, nor at the end, but immediately after.
Some libraries change the articulation immediately after playing the note.
Thanks a lot!

I can’t think of a good way of doing this, no. Could you tell us a bit more about the specific requirement of the particular library so we can take a look and assess what might need to be done? Thanks.

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Hi Daniel! Thanks!
I bought a Trumpet library, Bright Trumpet by CMusic.

I have tried many, but I really like this one.

The problem is that I managed to create the expression map for all joints except the falls.

To achieve this effect, the corresponding keyswitch must be pressed immediately after playing the note, neither before nor at the output as the Expression map allows.
I tried to do a thousand tests but I could not find a solution. I also tried with the complementary switch, but maybe I didn’t quite understand what it is for (I take this opportunity to ask you for directions).
It’s a shame because the library is very nice and responds well with Dorico’s writing and dynamics.

In any case, previously I came across other libraries that had the same type of problem for some joints, but now I don’t remember which ones because they didn’t convince me and I abandoned them.

Thanks always for your support!

Perhaps a delay option could be added to the expression map, so the keywitch is sent, say, 10ms after the note?

I dunno if that’d be enough… is it enough that the keyswtich is sent after the note starts, or does it have to be after the note ends.

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That idea of a little delay gives for me another benefit concerning legato. I’m searching for a way to make the first note of a group notes under one slur a nat note to avoid a legato link of the first note of the group with the previous note.

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Thanks: we’ll try to take a look at this library. I believe Fable Sounds Broadway Big Band has similar requirements for key switches, so hopefully this is something we can implement in future.

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Thanks!!! Would be great!!! Like everything you have already done for so many other things! You are fantastic!

If you know where I can learn more about the operation of the “complementary switch” let me know. Thanks!

While one cannot contol it automatically from the Xmap, the PT can be nudged (cmd-alt-right arrow on Windows) manually in order to delay playback… (or enter the PT with the caret active, a bit after the note itself.)