Keyswitch lane?

I hope that now is the correct time post this idea, as the next small update is said to be about playback and dynamics lane.

It would be very useful if there was a dedicated lane that shows keyswitches generated by the expression map. I guess also the already existing piano roll could be used for this purpose as well, with different colors for keyswiches and regular notes.

Seeing what keyswiches are being generated would make working with expression maps much easier - at the moment the only way to test if dorico is generating correct keyswitches is by playing back the music, which is not very fast. It would be far more effective if one could see what excactly is happening with keyswitches at a certain point in time.

If these keyswitches could be also edited and overriden (like midi CC lanes) that would be very useful tool as well.

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Another thing that would help streamline the process would be to have an Apply button on the EM form so we wouldn’t have to close and re-open it after each adjustment.


I think the playing technique line is for that purpose. You’re seeing the end result which is what matters, if it just showed keyswitches we’d have to mentally translate with a lookup. It also shows with a hover other information


Is that not good enough? All you have to do is look at the chain of events, Base Switch - Internal effects - > Active techniques, and then if you care why that occurred look at your expression maps and such.

Sometimes when the expression map gets large and complicated it can be difficult to diagnose the problems only with the playing technique line. There can also be issues with timing or keyswitches that have been left on.

But perhaps more important would be the ability to manually tidy up key switches and if necessary also add new ones. Expression maps usually work 95% of the time, but when problems arise it would be very helpful to be able to make a ”quick and dirty fix” manually.

Linked in a way to this - it would be great to have an internal MIDI monitor in Dorico somewhere in the future so one could review some of the internal data moving around in Dorico. I know Nuendo has one but haven’t really used it. Used to use Midi OX on Windows 32 bit long times ago.