Keyswitch problem

I currently have Cubase Elements 10.5 and have a problem.
I have some midi that i want to record to audio via a VST Instrument i have. When i export the track as audio the key switch on the VST changes, which i cannot change when the export operation begins.
I have also tried recording it manually, but i know theres something im not doing because the audio track shows up blank!
Any step by step help and advice would be very welcome. Thanks


I’m sorry, I don’t understand this really (probably my language barrier). Are the Key Switch MIDI data (probably MIDI Notes) written in the MIDI/Instrument track, before you export?

Hi Martin,
No, there is no extra midi data written (IE: expression,aftertouch, etc…). I can switch it off manually in the VST, but im unsure what the routing i may have to do to then record it as Audio. Thanks

Right - i’m going to now answer my own question.
I’ve managed to get the answer from a youtube tutorial (how to use key switches).
What i did was find which key switch was doing the offending in the VST instrument, then corresponding that key switch written into my midi part. Job done. Thanks