Keyswitches from expression map are being scored when I enter new notes on Dorico Elements


I’m currently running the trial of Dorico, switching between elements and pro to check all the features I need would be present in Elements

I’m arranging for a big band and am using NI’s Session Horns Pro plugin, which utilises keyswitches for various different tones and effects. After configuring an expression map for this, I now have an issue when I enter new notes via Option/N that it is automatically adding the keyswitch note from the init to my score.

This is only happening in the Elements version, not in Pro version. It also doesn’t seem to happen if I enter via mouse; but this isn’t really a fast way to score so I’d want to get used to the keyboard note entry.

I think you’ve messed “express” and “Elements”. It’s problematic because there is Dorico Express, it’s a (very good) product from Notation Central…

Apologies, yes, Dorico Elements.

I’ve also managed to sort thevproblem by amending some of the expression map, for some reason when opening in Elements it was duplicating the natural setting.

With this removed and resaved everything ok. But curious that this didn’t happen with the same file in pro?

Honestly, it’s quite difficult to answer such questions without the file — the expression map things are quite complex (simple, but there are a lot, so it becomes complex) and we cannot guess…