Keyswitches "hang" at slower tempos - Expression Map

I’m making a playback template for Spitfire Solo Strings.
I’m using key switches instead of UACC and adding the Legato patch through MIDI channel change.

The issue is that at 120 bpm the Keyswitches work fine, but at approx 70 bpm the previous articulation continues to get triggered.
I’m attaching the project for someone to help.

Spitfire Solo Strings + Legato.dorico (1.4 MB)


Is the previous articulation only being triggered incorrectly for you (when you hear it) or also showing incorrectly in the playing technique lane?
Is it all techniques that are triggering late?


Yes, I can see it being held down on the Kontakt GUI.
The tempo thing is very weird.

unfortunately, this is a classic Spitfire/Kontakt issue… there must be older threads about it, because I do remember that I mentioned a (possible) fix for it, but I don’t remember off the top of my head how I did it… maybe later :slight_smile:

It looks like a Kontakt issue as the Techniques do follow the Expression Map.
I will try with UACC switching.

Hi Azu.
Have you been able to go deeper in your expression map? I’d be very interested in being able to use the legato patches along the “normal” UACC articulated instruments. So far, the only solution I found is double the instruments, each one with its legato version and “almost full” version. But they’re all playing all the time, so it’s no longer a quartet (although I find the result quite interesting).

How about collecting the patches in a Kontakt bank and then using Program Change in your expression map to switch between the patches?

Hi Mark,
I have made some solutions using UACC and using legato in the 2 MIDI Channel.
If you assign the a MIDI Channel Change before the Keyswitch you will be able to use the legato articulation.

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