Keyswitches - How to handle them?

I am confused about how to handle keyswitches in Dorico I don´t get around this problem myself so I need some help! How do you manage a plug in - like Kontakt player and “The Orchestra” with keyswitch functions for different articulations without getting a sustained pedal tones in the bottom of the register? How do you manage keyswitches when you record into staff versus when you “write notes” onto staff? / Frans Mossberg (still in the dark…)

Hey Franz…

First you should create an expression map(s). (See Manual) It takes a little up front work, but afterwards you won’t have to write key switches in the actual score at all

In a map you essentially say “When I write Legato in the score, I want you to send the F#0 Keyswitch” on midi Chanel 1, or switch to midi channel 2 or whatever. “When I write a “spiccatto” mark, I want you to send Keyswitch G…” WITHOUT putting those notes in the staff itself.

The key switches ARE still being sent to the instrument - if you’re getting pedal tones it may somehow not be the right Keyswitch because they are supposed to be outside the audible range of the instrument. One reason might be a disagreement between plugins about which MIDI note (C3 or C4, or C5) is middle C and there is a place in an expression map to say which.

That’s not really a complete answer but I hope it points you in the right direction,

Thanks. I get your point, I think. I´ll explore into this direction anyway…

Hallo Franzmo,

Ditto what gdball said above ^^

See page 502 in the manual with regards to creating expression maps. You basically create a custom expression map in which you tell Dorico which playing techniques to associate with which key-switches.

And don’t forget to assign the playing technique you have created to your instrument under the end-point configuration in Play mode.

It’s a tricky process. I was fighting the same battle only one week ago!