Kick change when its feed to sidetone in CB8 artist

I found a problem with my sidechain connection.
When i am feed the kick into a sedition compressor (for example the bass) , and i pull every parameter like treshhold , attack , release down , except the ratio.
My kick change a lot when compressing the bass.
It looks like the transient of the kick is changed when the sedition becomes active.

I used the search-button already , but i can’t find it.

Is there someone out there who had the same issue.

Grtz Kevin


normally the Kick is not affected directly, but is your Bass over the Kick so that you hear them as one? (layering)
So you “think” the Kick is affected but it´s not only the Bass that lays over? (Bass - Kick same freq??)
Or are you on too hot levels?


Yeah , i noticed this only when i was using sidechain on the kick-bass.
Yeah there is some overlapping with kick-bass frequency’s , levels are a -6.

Its only when i use a value from 0 on the attack , that its like there is some transient change on the kick.

Is there some explaination for this ?
Because , i was thinkin , … overlapping from frequency’s can’t be the problem.
So when the kick comes in the bass will be pulled down …

thankx for the fast feedback btw

Its also strange , because its the high part of a layered kick.
The lowest frequency is 200HZ , and the highest frequency from the bass is 150HZ.