Kick Drum Issues

Hello :slight_smile:
So I started making my own kick drums from scratch in Sony’s Soundforge since I refuse to use samples simply because I want the samples to be of my creation, the kicks I have made so far sound great and I’m quite happy with them but when I sequence a kick roll using 1/16 and then 1/32 quantize I get irritating clicky noises that are not present when the kick drum samples are singled out on a 4/4 beat, only in the roll. Now, is this because the samples are overlapping eachother? I wouldn’t think so because I’ve done this before with other kick samples and I don’t get the clicky noises, so it’s obviously my samples, but what is doing this and how can I fix it? Does anyone use Soundforge that knows this problem? Can I fix this in Cubase? If this will help, I make my kicks MONO with a Sine wave @ 60hz @ -6.2 Db
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Ahhh, excellent! Thank you :slight_smile: Worked like a charm!