Kick Drum Noteheads

Hi All!

In this drum set assignment a student submitted, we can’t get the kick drum (written here in the low F space) to use normal noteheads. They’re changing to stemmed slashes. I’ve gone through the Edit Percussion Kit dialog and everything looks ok. I’ve also tried created a second kick drum which works until the first one is deleted, which suddenly switches to stemmed slashes again.

What are we missing?

Oh, and I’m gonna help him fix the text boxes instead of shift-x thing—you can safely ignore.

File attached so you can muck around in it.
Assigment 5 - Drum Set.dorico (1.4 MB)

The Kick drum is using the same voice as the slash voice on the center line. Change either to downstem voice 2 and it works.

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That did it. Thanks!