Kick drum sounds different on Soundcloud/in another DAW


I´m working on a project and have made a kick drum track with Groove Agent 1 in C6. You can hear/download a small part of it here: (not compressed)

I hear a metallic like overtone at about 3850 Hz in Adobe Audition CS5.5 (and on Soundcloud) that I didn´t hear in C6. Nor do I hear this in WMP. I find this quite strange.

Could you please listen to it on Soundcloud and download it to compare with playing it in WMP?

Your feedback to help me understand is much appreciated.



How subtle (or obvious)a difference are you hearing?

On my internet machine so not my studio monitors the download & the stream sound pretty close considering one is 128kbps MP3 & the other is 24bit Wav.

Are you sure this isn’t to do with how the files are being played back from different apps…Does audition use the same driver you are using in Cubase?..have you checked if the EQ is on in WMP?

Hi Grim,

It was very noticeable, but I checked my settings and though they were using the same driver, in Audition I somehow had the samplerate set at 44k and in Cubase at 48k.

That solved it, so thanks for thinking with me.