kick not same as cm mag

im following a tutorial in cm magazine,they are making a kick drum loop.
i am following it exactly,using same plugins and same settings.
my kick does not sound the same as theirs.
i tried to attach the 2 audio clips here,but forum says wrong file type.i tried wav and mp3
anyway,cm used ableton
can anyone suggest why my kick not sounding the same?


If you use a built-in plug-ins, the sound will be different. If you use 3rd party plug-ins on both sides (the same), the sound should be closer.

Audio engine of every DAW is different, so the sound is (slightly) different.

thanks for reply.
i tried it with ableton as well,and again the kick sounds different.
sounds exactly like the one i done in cubase

Are you saying that the sound of the Kick in your DAW (either Cubase or Ableton) sounds different than the exact same Kick (same VSTi, samples, processing, etc.) in an online video?

That would be expected. Any video you see online is going through a whole bunch of semi-mysterious audio processing (compression & limiting, EQ, etc.) that gets put into place by YouTube and the others between you and the video source.

hi thanks for reply.
its cm mag video,downloaded from their download page.
i have tried to attach both kicks here,but i get error message saying file not supported.
is it not possible to attach an audio file here?
i was just attaching 1 bar,tried mp3 and wav.

Quite obviously it is not. That´s certainly what “not supported” is supposed to mean