Kill all audio button?

Hey guys,

I’ve been watching some tutorials from tutors using FL Studio. Looks like there’s a lot on there that Cubase doesn’t have, or maybe I’m not aware of, but one in particular is a “kill all audio” button.

Basically, when you press the stop button the first time, it will stop playback, but all delays and reverbs continue to play. If you press stop a second time, all reverbs, delays and other plugins are completely muted.

Is there a way to do this in Cubase?

Why would you want this? Well I suppose maybe DJing? Cubase I think is a much more mature DAW and powerful too, but I don’t see why you would need such a button


Well, if I have a long delay or reverb playing after I stop playback, and then export, the delay or reverb is included at the start of the export. Also, it would be nice to have this button for people who want to silence the plugins before starting playback again or exporting.

There is no way to achieve this as far as I know…the vst system reset doesn’t seem to do it and even if you switch to no driver the FX tail will reappear when you switch back!

I think an additional button is not required…A preference or menu option with access to key command to kill FX tails on stop would save the clutter.

I find it very surprising that the FX tails are included at the beginning of an export. Would make a lot of sense for it to start from silence when exporting. Anyway, for now I will just have to wait for the tails to finish before I export. Cheers.