Kill decimals in tempo numbers

Hi. Is there a way for tempo numbers to always be a whole number? So that i could change it with mouse wheel? Right now, where ever the tempo is displayed, it’s a number with three digits after dot, and in scrolls with the mouse wheel in .250 increments (that is one quarter of a bpm).

It’s kinda unconvenient. I want my tempos whole anyways, cause im supposed to be syncing arpeggiators on Bass Station and other synths maybe. On the other hand, my tempo changes are small, so i want the y-axis to be zoomed far in.

Is there a way to just forbid Cubase to even think of tempos as fractional numbers?

If you double+click in the integer portion of the Temp then the mouse will change the value in whole numbers.

What I’d like to know is what did I change that stops me from getting the bad effect the OP describes!

I wanted to give an answer, but couldn’t reproduce and I remember seeing this! I did wish to be able to adjust in whole numbers only too! Now I can only do that!

One more exclamation point for good measure.

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Don’t you have to manually edit the decimal values? Or are you actually saying that the decimal places increment by 0.250? eg., 250, 500, 750.

Because the mouse wheel only affects the Integer value.