Kill reverb buffers?

Hi good people. Happy new year to you all!
I have a quick question regarding reverbs tails.
Is it possible to kill the reverb on buffers using some preference or trick ? I know some manufacturers develop their plugins in such way that when you offline the plugin and then activate it again the buffers are clean but some dont!
I do mostly ambient music these days and i use huge reverbs, i do print my tracks in real time using a custom routing into a dedicated print track. Every time i need to make another version i have to wait for the reverb to go fully so i can start a new print.

Ya I’m interested in this as well. A while ago, I pointed this out with regards to batching exports and I heard the issue was ‘reported’ so hopefully we see a fix at some point.

What happens if you disable (not Bypass) & then re-enable the reverb plug-in.

hi raino, some reverb manufacturers allow to empty buffers when offline the plugin some wont, from what i understand, correct me if i´m wrong! Valhalla makes it possible for example.
In reaper there is a preference to make this default behaviour for all fxs, for example.
Mayeb we could have it too in Cubase